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Sunken Cape May Ferry Photos! 

Sunken Cape May Ferry Photos! 

For a while now you have been asking to see what the sunken Cape May Ferry, M.V. Twins looks like on the ocean floor. Today we can finally show you! 

For those who missed the sinking of the ship, use the link below to watch it. 

M.V. Twin Capes Sinking

In yesterday’s update we told you that the Sunken Ferry had indeed sank on it’s port side instead of it’s intended hull bottom. 

Today scuba diver, Rustin Cassway, released photos of him swimming around it. We can assumed that these were taken the day the ship sank. 

Keep in mind that our waters are so clear so you won’t be able to see the entire sunken ferry from a far. 

Interestingly enough who knows what her final position will be. I say this because when the USS Radford was sank a massive storm came by and current ripped the ship into two. Maybe in the future we will see a little movement. 

 Enjoy the photos! 

We had a lot of questions regarding the sinking of M.V. Twin Capes so we created an article that hopefully answers those questions. Use the link below! 

M.V, Twin Capes Questions

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