The Experiment Gone Wrong – The Philadelphia Experiment

It was October 28th, 1943 and the United States was entering what would be World War II.

The US was getting ready for D-Day and our ships off our coastline were getting sunk daily by Nazi U-boats. The U.S. needed to come up with a way to help them to not only protect their shore towns but also win the war.

At the time, the United States wes experimenting with many different military projects to see what they could come up with. These were top secret projects that only X amount of people knew about. Some of them involved X-german scientists and the World’s smartest professors.

During this time the infamous Manhattan Project was well under way. This project, which started in 1939, would lead the US to develop the world’s first nuclear weapons. The Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), which was the name of the office  handling these projects, were about to start on a project that could make things invisible.

In 1940, Albert Einstein, who was a German citizen, renounced this citizenship and emigrated to America. Einstein would be hired at Princeton, here in New Jersey, and take the position of Professor of Theoretical Physics.

One of the projects he was working on was The Unified Field Theory. According to Britannica, The Unified Field Theory is “an attempt to describe all fundamental forces and the relationships between elementary particles in terms of a single theoretical framework.”

What Einstein was trying to prove was whether or not electromagnetism and gravity would emerge as different aspects of a single fundamental field…. aka to see if they could make things become invisible when enough electricity was moved around an object.

This lead to an experiment at the Philadelphia Navy yard in which they attempted to turn the USS Eldridge, a massive 1,600-ton destroyer escort ship, invisible.

The experiment was called “Project Rainbow,” and was super secret.

Just like many government projects, we don’t hear about them until they are declassified many many years later.

Over that time there have been so many conspiracy theories on what happened with the experiment. Some say that it disappeared from the Philadelphia Navy Yard and jumped in time to Norfolk, Virginia before returned back to the Navy Yard minutes later.

The Philadelphia Experiment has everything you need to make an epic science fiction blockbuster but did it happen and what does this have to do with the Wildwoods?

In the video below, we talk about this project that took place 78 years ago to see if A. did this project happen and B. did it work!

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