“The View” Motel Gets Approved 

“The View” Motel Gets Approved 

“The View” Motel Gets Approved

There is some good news coming out the Wildwoods. Last night the Wildwood Planning and Zoning board met to go over the proposed projects that will be coming down the line.

The plans for the NEW Condo/Motel, “The View” were approved by the board.

For those who might not have heard of “The View,” we revealed the blue prints and the story last week (located on Baker Ave). You can click the link below to learn more about it and see the blue prints.

NEW Motel “The View” Plans Revealed – Wildwood

The summary is, There is a new 4 story, 26 room condo/motel that is proposed right on the boardwalk. This new building would feature a second floor pool over looking the boardwalk and will build new stores on the boardwalk.

The only downside of the project is that this would mean they would have to knock down the Grand View Hotel. This is hotel that was built in 1930 right on the boardwalk. While it has much history on the boardwalk sadly the building is in bad condition. We would love to tour it before it’s knocked down.

We are excited for the next step in the project for “The View” condo/motel, and look forward to the project hopefully starting soon.

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