WATCH: Firefighters Put Out Boat Fire On Delaware Bay

Firefighters Put Out Boat Fire On Delaware Bay

Credit: Townbank Fire Company

On Saturday Morning around 9:45 a.m, a fire was reported on a 36-foot sport-fishing vessel located in the Delaware Bay near Town Bank.

The vessel, which only had two people on board, were recovered by a fellow boater who heard the mayday call. The Cape May U. S. Coast Guard and the Marine Division of the Town Bank Fire department (Boat 61) were dispatched.

Once at the boat, which was 6 miles into the Delaware Bay, the Coast Guard took in the boaters and Boat 61 got to work on putting out the fire.

South Bowers Fire and Lewes Fire also assisted with the fire.

Luckily for those on board there were no injuries reported.

Below we have two videos showing the crews putting out the fire. Videos by U. S. Coast Guard Station Cape May and Townbank Fire Company!

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