We Could See 3-6 Inches of Snow

We Could See 3-6 Inches of Snow

We Could See 3-6 Inches of Snow

Winter is finally coming. As you know, it has been a mild winter so far. On December 28th in some areas it was 58 degrees. Now we are going to start to feel the winter force.

There is the potential for snow on Saturday and Sunday. According to the Mount Holly National Weather Service snow will start to pop up on our radar on Saturday around 4pm and will continue though Sunday and ending around 6pm Sunday.

The storm reach depends on the high pressure from the North pushing down the storm. Right now the models are showing that the snow line ends around Trenton. North of Trenton will only get a a coating. Under Trenton is another game.

Depending on movement of the high pressure you could see snow totals from 3 to 6 inches.

Now this forecast will change. Please tune in tomorrow for an update!

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