What Happened To Last Night’s Fireworks

Photo by Holly Curran

What Happened To Last Night’s Fireworks

Over the past few weeks we have been promoting the Friday Night fireworks’ return to the Wildwood Boardwalk. Normally Friday Night Fireworks start in the Wildwoods in late June but due to covid-19 restrictions they had been placed on hold.

On July 25th we announced that the fireworks were moving to a new location, behind the Wildwood sign on Rio Grande Ave. This move was an important one as it gave more space for people to safely socially distance. To read all about that click the link below.

Wildwood Friday Night Fireworks Are BACK Starting Aug 7th

Yesterday was a strange weather day for South Jersey. Fog had been rolling in and out of the Wildwoods all day. At some points the fog was so bad that you couldn’t see the ferris wheel.

The weather had shown that by 10pm the skies would be clear and good for seeing the fireworks. At this point there was nothing on the radar that indicated that we were going to get a storm.

Around 5pm crews showed up on the beach to start the setup for the show. By the time they were done and approved by the fire marshal to was roughly 6:30. Around 7:26pm the EMC sent out a message saying that storms were likely to take place in our area by 9:15pm.

Normally a rain date would have been on Sunday at 10pm, but the amount of time needed to safety remove all the fireworks and store them would have taken too much time and some of the fireworks would have gotten ruined.

Remember safety is number one!!

Around 7:40pm the hard decision was made to set off the fireworks at 8pm.

There were announcements made on the boardwalk and even the music that accompanied the fireworks played. Below is a short video of the fireworks.


It was a tough call to make as they knew it was; A. still bright out, B. foggy, and C. not too much notice to guests but once again it was the safest thing to do.

Please keep in mind that none of the Wildwood media sites were given any warning. (I found out while eating dinner) 

The Friday Night Fireworks will return to the Wildwood Boardwalk next Friday at 10pm! See you there!

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