Could The Sea Serpent Coaster Be Opening Soon?

Over the past few days Morey’s Piers have been posting Sea Serpent related content. Could it be possible they are teasing the re-grand opening of the ride?

For those who don’t know, starting in October, the Sea Serpent had a major transformation. On October 28th two large cranes made their way on to the beach and took down hill #2 of the coaster. (This is the second lift hill or the one on the right).

They laid the pieces of the track on the beach. We were able to grab a video of this. If you want to see it click the link below.

What Happened With The Sea Serpent?

We later learned that Morey’s was planning to replace the existing  chain system, breaks and trains.

Due to Covid-19 the project was delayed on it’s completion but by May the lift hill was back but the trains were still missing.

It wasn’t until the end of May that we saw the new train appear with new restraints. Check out photos of the train by clicking the link below.

Sea Serpent Coaster’s New Trains Revealed

Since their installment in July we have been begging to see it open and running.

Yesterday we had seen a video of folks testing (riding) the ride which could only lead us to believe that it will be opening soon!!

Tune back later

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