Wildwood Beer Fest 2021 Pushed to 2022

Lately, we’ve been getting many questions about the Wildwood beer festival and Whether or not it will be coming back this summer.

Wildwood Beer Fest 2021 Pushed to 2022

Wildwood Beer Fest 2021 Pushed to 2022

The Wildwood Beer Fest was a beer tasting event to celebrate the art of locally brewed craft beer. Located in Fox Park, Ocean Avenue between E. Burk and E. Montgomery Avenues in Wildwood, NJ, last year would have been its 6th year running

For those who venture onto their website, wildwoodbeerfest.com, you will notice that they haven’t updated it since June of 2020 where they announced that they were rescheduling it due to the covid-19 pandemic.

We reached out to the organizers of the event who informed us that they will be pushing the event one more year to 2022.

In the meanwhile to get your local beer fixed, be sure to check out Mudhen located at 127 W Rio Grande Ave in Wildwood.

Tune back later for more details about the Wildwood Beer Fest 2022.

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