Take a second and  jump back in time to the Wildwood Boardwalk In The 1970s. Close your eyes and remember walking down the boardwalk and seeing Morey’s Piers KONG trying to get the Bi-planes out of the sky, listen as you hear the roar of Hunt’s Pier’s Flyer race down the track… Does it all come back to you? 

Every week we invite people to mail us their films of Wildwood from the 1950s – 1990s and this is one we know you want to watch. 

Take a trip down memory lane as we visit some rides on Morey’s Pier and Hunt’s Pier.
Some of the rides include, Hunt’s Keystone Kops, Hunt’s Hot Rods, Morey Pier’s KONG, Hunt’s Flyer, Hunt’s Train, Hunt’s Scrambler and more! 

Also, if you have any films of Wildwood please shoot us a message! We will be glad to convert your film into digital for free. Email us here WildwoodVideoArchive@gmail.com




While you are here, check out the Wildwood coaster in 1991. 


Wildwood Coasters From 1991


About The Author

My name is Joey Contino. I am a big lover of anything Wildwood. I have lived and worked in Wildwood my whole life. I worked jobs from working on the beach renting umbrellas and chairs to being a supervisor at Morey's Piers. Wildwood is my life and my home!

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    Marilyn Moore

    I was born there spent lots of summers waitressing then when old enough worked at Moore’s! Like you I love Wildwood!