Wildwood City Hall Gets New Sign

Those who visited the Wildwoods this past summer would have noticed that the Wildwood City hall building has been getting a ton of work done on it.

Wildwood City Hall Gets New Sign

Wildwood City Hall Gets New Sign

Located at 4400 New Jersey Ave in the heart of Wildwood, last year the city announced that its main hub would be receiving a makeover.

Since it was built, not many improvements had taken place on the building. City hall was way past due for some refurbishment, some of which had been pushed over year after year to save money for the taxpayer.

After finding money in the budget, the city started work on the interior by upgrading many of the rooms and fixing utilities. While that project was still going on they started to tackle the outside of the building.

What made this city hall extremely unique was the Doo Wop, mid-century facade. Its beautiful archways, multi-colored panels, and blue sign with bull-type text, were fantastic examples of what the Wildwoods stand for. Unfortunately, these windows were leaky and allowed water in and cold/hot air out causing a rise in utility costs. Along with that some of the work holding up these parts were aging out.

This past winter the facade started its facelift with the city saying that they would keep the styling of it but added more of an updated twist.

Construction crews removed all of the color panels, glass, and blue sign as they repaired the concrete and metal structure under it. In some areas, the metal was quite weak from not having any refurbishments done on them in 20+ years.

Once the foundation was fixed they brought in new windows with black trim and installed a beautiful new Wildwood sign, like the logo, with a blue background similar to the previous one. 

One noted loss in the update was the color panels but we were told that they instead opted in to add more signage to the front of the building.

The summer went by without added signage but in early October we finally got a look at what was added.

Prior to the finished product, the Wildwood logo sat empty in the middle of the facade. Now worked installed back-it images on both sides. On the left, we see a beautiful Wildwood sunrise and on the right are three seagulls following the light.

We believe these changes look amazing. What do you think?

This project was listed and featured in our “Wildwoods Construction Update” video for October. You can watch that video at the bottom of this article.