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Wildwood Crest Beachfront Motel SOLD

Wildwood Crest Beachfront Motel SOLD

Lately we haven’t had too many motels in the Wildwoods sell compared to year 2019. It seems that Covid-19 had slowed this trend until today.

According to the Property Transfers Records (CMC) from 8/17/20-8/23/20, 507-515 E Orchid Road in Wildwood Crest sold for $4,200,000. After doing some research we found that this address is the location of the Singapore Motel.

Wildwood Crest Beachfront Motel SOLD

Wildwood Crest Beachfront Motel SOLD

This isn’t something that came to a shock, as back in July we reported that BIG changes were coming to the Singapore Motel. If you want to read the full details of those changes click the link below.

Major Update On the Singapore Motel

A summary of those changes was that the current owner was asking the city’s permission to go condo and to add a third story. This had made sense since the motel hasn’t full opened since 2018.

For the past few summers (2019 and 2020) the Singapore Motel hadn’t opened at all. In 2019 it didn’t open due some of their supports needing to be replaced.

Prior to this, the motel had been put up for sale along with the Ocean View for a combined asking price of $24,995,000 though the properties never sold.

At this time it is unknown what the new owners would do to the motel. Would they move forward with the submitted proposal or do something else. The LLC that purchased the motel is called Seven Shes Beach LLC. Could it be that this building is going back to a motel?

We stopped by a few weeks ago to see crews painting the outside and patching up some of the roof.

Be sure to tune back later for more details!

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