Wildwood Memorial Day Weekend Recap 2021 (Video)

As you know, every year we put together a video recap of Memorial Day Weekend, AKA the unofficial start of the summer season. We do this so that we can remember what events and activities took place. This past Memorial Day Weekend was unlike anything we have seen.

From Friday until Sunday evening we saw rain showers, crazy winds, and 50-degree temperatures.

While some would say that this was a wash of a weekend I would disagree.

On Friday we were finally able to ditch the masks and see each other’s smiling faces…

We were able to visit our favorite bars and restaurants with no restrictions…

We were able to dance again until the early morning hours to our favorite local band…

I think when we look back at Memorial Day Weekend 2021, we won’t remember the bad

weather but rather the weekend we were able to reunite with our friends and family.

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