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Wildwood Restaurant Week 2021

Wildwood Restaurant Week 2021

Restaurant Week in the Wildwoods are back again after an ‘off’ season last year. It’s time for you to come out and try the food at places that you may not have visited before.

As we mentioned many times before, there are over 15 new food spots on the island this summer. If you want to learn about what’s new down here click the link below.

NEW In The Wildwoods 2021!

Wildwood Restaurant Week will be held over two different weeks this year.

The weeks are June 6th-June 10th and September 6th – September 10th.

Come enjoy one-of-a-kind dining experiences from over 25 participating restaurants on the island. These restaurants range from Italian, seafood, Latin and more!

For $40, plus tax and gratuity, you will get a four-course meal!

Let’s break down some of the places participating in Wildwood Restaurant Week 2021.

Some of the restaurants are linked to their menu so feel free to click their name to be transported to their options. If there is no link be sure to reach out to the restaurant to see what they are serving up for the week.

Wildwood Restaurant Week 2021 List

Outside of the Wildwoods Restaurant Week, be sure to stop local and visit some of our other world class restaurants around the island.

Visit the official Wildwoods Restaurant Week website for more details or give them a call at or call 267.254.2201 – 609.707.7295.

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