Wildwood’s “It’s Sugar” Closes For The Season

Wildwood’s “It’s Sugar” Closes For The Season

Wildwood’s “It’s Sugar” Closes For The Season

Though Tropical Storm Isaias is long and gone, some businesses are still feeling the effects of it’s aftermath.

Isaias brought flooding, down power lines and tornados to our area. One of the bigger issues we had in the Wildwoods was the winds. It had been reported that wind gusts up to 70mph were recorded. These winds caused some businesses to lose their roofs such as the Brittany Motel.

To see the roof damage photos of the Brittany Motel click the link below.

The Brittany Motel’s Roof Blown Off (Photos)

Another such business that lost it’s roof was It’s Sugar. For those who don’t know, It’s Sugar it located at Glenwood Ave and the Boardwalk.

Since the storm’s passing we had noticed that It’s Sugar hadn’t opened back up. It turns out that the store had flooded twice just two days after the storm causing much damage to the store and it’s contents.

On a Facebook post yesterday one of their manager said’

“I’m sad to announce that It’sugar will be closed for the rest of the season. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and supported us this season through this tough time. We will be back next year stronger then ever!!!”

We are very sad to see them close but do look forward to them opening back up next summer!

For those wondering what happened to the tornado that hit Cape May County, I went ahead and documented it’s path by filming a drone video/tour video of the damage. Check out the video below.