Wildwood’s New Beach Pump Station

For months it seems like the only question we’ve been getting over and over again is what’s going on with the construction on the Wildwood Beach. (Now you have an article you can share to those who ask) 

Wildwood's New Beach Pump Station

Wildwood’s New Beach Pump Station

For those who are unaware there is and tons of equipment on the beach at Leaming Avenue.

For the past six months crews have been preparing for a brand new pump house and of course a new pipeline out to the ocean.

We first reported on this project about a year-and-a-half ago when it was first approved by the city and the contract was awarded out to “JAG Companies.” JAG specializes in these kinds of projects.

We reached out to them to get permission and information for this video. (Thank You JAG).

In short we learn that this project will be able to pump out 25,000 gallons of water per minute out to the ocean. That’s a lot of water!

This will surely keep our streets clear from floods!

While I do go into great detail about the project in the video here’s a few small details.

The project is slated to be partially completed by June 15th. They will come back in September to pave over the remaining sections. This means that the project will be completed by hurricane season.

When the streets to start the flood the system automatically kicks in plus it has a redundant backup!

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