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Will Hurricane Michael Hit South Jersey?

Will Hurricane Michael Hit South Jersey?Will Hurricane Michael Hit South Jersey?

Over the past 24 hours we have been getting countless messages on if Hurricane Michael will hit our area.

The National Hurricane Center has issued an advisory on Hurricane Michael which is currently located over the Gulf of Mexico. Michael currently is a Category 1 hurricane but is expected to grow to a strong Category 3 according to NOLA.

It is projected to push into the US Gulf Coast on Wednesday , October 10th with 125 miles per hour winds.

Now with the answer you came here for. According to the National Hurricane Center charts, it seems that South Jersey could see some effects of Hurricane Michael but as a tropical storm.

It looks that we will be seeing some heavy rain and strong winds for late Thursday night/ early Friday Morning. The good news is that Michael, if it does hit us, will be far off shore by 150 miles.

NorEaster Nick gives us an update below!

Tune back in for more updates from us!

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