Work Underway at Crest’s Living Room

Wildwood Crest has been doing a ton of projects over the past few years. From fixing up the street ends to building new parks, there has been a transformation all over. One of those transformations is the “Living Room.”

For those who don’t know, Wildwood Crest once had a library at the corner of Wisteria and Ocean Ave. In 2015 they built and opened a new library right down the street at Wisteria and Atlantic Ave leaving this location to be left closed.

Not sure what to do with the space the city knew that they had to come up with something that could benefit everyone.

Back in 2019 we broke the news that Wildwood Crest is working on converting the space into a mixed-use building that will house an environmental outreach room, a common area, a senior center/historical room, a concession stand, and a gift shop.

Outside the building, the plans called for three fire pits, wooden chairs, tables, and a statue.

Things had been paused for a while due to CAFRA reports, the pandemic, and other projects but we are pleased to announce that things are progressing finally.

The original plans have changed a bit but I believe they are for the better.

The new building will now have a solar array to the East side of the building, more features on the lawn such as beautiful gardens with an arch, and a massive sliding glass door. The city sees that this area could be a revenue maker by having weddings here.

We stopped by the building not too long ago and saw that work has progressed inside and out.

As seen by the photos below, it looks like they could be opening to the public sometime this summer.

Work Underway at Crest's Living Room

Work Underway at Crest’s Living Room

We walked around the property in our latest Wildwood Construction update video (see at the bottom of this page)

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