Wyland's Responce To The Whale Wall

Wyland’s Responce To the Whale Wall

After speaking to Wyland’s assistant, Crystal, for a few days, this morning she wrote to us with a statement.

“Hello all,
Wyland was unable to restore the wall due to scheduling conflicts. He did give his blessing for a new mural AND for the wall to be restored by other artists. The current manager of the mall said they would paint over the entire thing because they need to secure the integrity of the structure with new construction – not leaving any art behind for Wyland to restore. She requested an entirely new mural. Wyland is no longer painting large scale murals, with a few exceptions – like the memorial mural he just did for Westglade Middle School, who shares a campus with Parkland High School where a tragic 17 lives were lost.

We hope your community can rally together to apply a new mural once the wall has been reconstructed.

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While we find it very sad that we can’t get Wyland down here to paint another iconic mural, it does excite us to see that he is allowing the new Boardwalk Mall owners to hiring another artists to paint over it.

The owners of the Boardwalk Mall are the Executive Directors of the “Wildwoods Arts Foundation” so we know they will find someone perfect for this.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we took a tour of the NEW Boardwalk Mall. (It is still under construction). Click the link below

Wildwood Boardwalk Mall Tour

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