Boat Beached In Sea Isle

Boat Beached In Sea Isle

Boat Beached In Sea Isle

Fifteen-year sailing veteran, Erik Wade, ran into trouble just off the coast of Sea Isle, New Jersey on Sunday. At the time Wade was traveling from Connecticut to Florida and decided to stop for the night. Later on that night Wade had anchored his boat, Pyrate, off the coast and went to sleep.

Around 4.A.M. he was awoken after he felt a big bang. The bang he felt was him hitting the shore line of Sea Isle. (61st Street Beach). It turns out that his anchor chain had gotten caught on the bottom of his boat. The force of the boat pulling on the chain caused it to snap in half. This sent the boat dizzying onto land. 

His boat is more then a boat but rather his home. With no where to go or stay he called the Coast Guard and other tow companies but was quoted for over 11,000. Sea Isle residents got together and found a place for Wade to stay until things could be worked out with his insurance company. 

Boat Beached In Sea Isle

Boat Beached In Sea Isle

After a few days and a ton of generous Sea Islians, Wade was able to work it out with the insurance company.  The Pyrate will be towed Thursday morning at high tide.

A big shout out to the residents of Sea Isle for opening up their doors for Wade. It’s the Jersey Shore mentality we love! 

Stephen Bright put together a fantastic Drone Video of the boat. You can check it down below.

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These photos are by photographer  Randy Leiser

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