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Surfside Pier Construction Update (Dec 5th)

Surfside Pier Construction Update

Surfside Pier Construction Update

Surfside Pier Construction Update (Dec 5th)

Every few weeks we are bringing you an update on the construction work being done on Surfside pier. This week we have some BIG updates taking place and decided to film it for you. The video is located at the bottom of the page.

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Let’s get started on our Update!

We started on the right hand side of the pier and noticed right away that the parts of the Doo Wooper coaster are gone. The blue supports were here and are no more. (If you watch the video at the bottom we find out where they are and why they are there).

The thing that changed is that the tea-cups had been moved from the left side of the pier and now sit just next to Dino beach.

Walking down the front of the pier it’s clear to see that the Convoy right has been move from in front of KONG and placed in the spot where the Wacky Whip was. After a little investigation we saw that the Wacky Whip was moved next to Cygnus X1. We were worried that they were getting rid of it.

For the rest of the update I turn you to the video. There are a few surprises in there so much sure you check it out.

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