Exploring Wildwood’s Abandoned Train Bridge

Exploring Wildwood’s Abandoned Train Bridge

Exploring Wildwood’s Abandoned Train Bridge

There is so much history in the heart of Wildwood that we completely forget about at times. As we age those who remember our past start to forget it. Today we will be exploring one of Wildwood’s oldest memories, the Grassy Sound Train Bridge.

We briefly talked about the Grassy Sound Train Bridge in an article we did a year ago, “Rails To The Wildwoods.” You can see that article below. In that we also explored the abandoned “Wildwood Junction.” 

Rails To The Wildwoods

Here is a brief history of Grassy Sound Train Bridge. Opened in 1913, this bridge was built to replace an old drawbridge. In 1972 the passenger service ended with the freight service ending in 1974. Since then the bridge had been falling apart.

The bridge was permanently left open so that boats could pass through after it was abandoned.

We decided to take our drone and film what it looks like today. Not much is left but it is awesome to see. (Video Below)

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