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2018 Irish Festival Entertainment Announced

2018 Irish Festival Entertainment Announced!!!

As you know summer is nearing it’s end but DO NOT worry!! We still have the 2018 Irish Festival in North Wildwood to look forward to!  (September 20, 2018 – September 23, 2018)

Join us for the largest Irish Festival on the East Coast celebrating Irish heritage with dancing, music, food and craft vendors – 8 AM to 8 PM daily. Other festivities include a golf tournament, Irish dance lessons, 5K run and 1 mile walk, pipe exhibition, food court stage and beer garden, Catholic Mass.

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Before we announce all the dates and times for the events, which should be coming in a few weeks, here are the music Entertainment schedule!


2PM Patsy Bradley Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) INSIDE
6PM Stephen Dodds Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) INSIDE
9PM Galway Guild Old City Pub
10PM The Derry Brigade Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) INSIDE

Jamison Celtic Rock Keenan’s Irish Pub – North Wildwood


1030AM Galway Guild – FREE STAGE
1215PM McHugh & O’Neil – Free Stage
1PM Patsy Bradley – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN
130PM The Shantys – FREE STAGE
2PM Paul Moore BAND – The Inlet On Olde
3PM The Broken Shillelaghs – FREE STAGE
4PM The Shantys – North Shore Bar & Kitchen
430 Timmy Kelly – Free Stage
5PM The Quietmen Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN
5PM Galway Guild – Old City Pub
5PM Ballina – FREE STAGE
6PM NATURALS – The Inlet On Olde
6PM Sean Fleming BAND – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – TENT
7PM Maura McKinney Mastro – FREE STAGE
8PM Stephen Dodds – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN
8PM No Irish Need Apply – North Shore Bar & Kitchen
830PM Birmingham Six – FREE STAGE
9PM The Broken Shillelaghs – Old City Pub
10PM Mike and Callie – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN
10PM Bogside Rogues– Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – TENT


1030AM Shenanigans – FREE STAGE
12PM No Irish Need Apply – North Shore Bar & Kitchen
12PM Ray Coleman The Inlet On Olde
1215PM Galway Guild – FREE STAGE
1PM The Broken Shillelaghs – Old City Pub
1PM The Shantys – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN
1PM Patsy Bradley – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – OUT
130PM Brothers McGillian – Free Stage
3PM McHugh & O’Neil – Free Stage
3PM Sean Fleming BAND Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – OUT
330PM Paul Moore BAND – The Inlet On Olde
415PM Timmy Kelly Free stage
430PM John Bryne Band – North Shore Bar & Kitchen
515PM Ballina – FREE STAGE
645PM Birmingham Six – FREE STAGE
7PM Paul Moore BAND – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – OUT
8PM Stephen Dodds – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN
815PM The Broken Shillelaghs – FREE STAGE
9PM Galway Guild Old City Pub
10PM Bogside Rogues Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – OUT
1030PM Mike and Callie – Anglesea Pub (Irish Sean McMullan) – IN

Tune back for more information as the dates get closer!

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