No Sea Lice OutBreak In Wildwood

No Sea Lice OutBreak In Wildwood

No Sea Lice OutBreak In Wildwood

Recently a lot of people messaged us and asked if our beaches were open even though there have been reports of Sea Lice outbreaks in Delaware and Maryland. Lucky for us we are not having any issues what so ever with Sea Lice.

Personally we didn’t know too much about Sea Lice so we decided to put together a quick article for you.

Sea Lice aren’t like the hair lice that are associated with the name but rather the larvae of jellyfish. As you know, it’s the time of year when we start seeing jellyfish up and down the Eastern coast line.

They, just like jellyfish, do sting, but the only difference is that they are a lot smaller. These little guys are so small that they get into bathing-suits causing some discomfort. According to Ocean City Maryland’s Beach Patrol, to save yourself from the discomfort all you would need to do is rise with fresh water.

Most of the time these Sea Lice spend their time at sea but with the right kind of currents and winds they could make their way to the shoreline. (Which is what’s happening in Maryland right now)

In our case we are completely fine. Please tune in for more info!

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