PETA Says Stop Eating Crabs Via Billboard

PETA Says Stop Eating Crabs Via Billboard

PETA Says Stop Eating Crabs Via Billboard

PETA, “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” put up a billboard in Baltimore Maryland to try and get Marylanders to stop eating crabs.

The billboard, which had a large crab on it, said “I’m Me, Not MEAT”… see the individual, Go Vegan”

In a release to all the media outlets, PETA’s Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman said, “Just like humans, crabs feel pain and fear, have unique personalities, and value their own lives.”

The Billboard was introduced so that it could be shown during Baltimore’s Seafood Festival on Sept 15.

Now we want to know what you think of the billboard?

Being that we are a shore town we are all for eating crabs. Old Bay, Gravey or oil and garlic, all sounds great to us.

We just did a crabbing trip this past weekend and filmed it all for you to check out. (see the video below).

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