Saying Goodbye To Jimbos

Saying Goodbye To Jimbos

Saying Goodbye To Jimbos

A few weeks ago we announced that Jimbo’s, located at 2410 Atlantic Ave in North Wildwood, was sold at the price of $1,040,000.

To read about that article use the link below

Jimbo’s Family Restaurant SOLD

As we still can’t confirm what is going there, we decided to film what the location looks like today. We do this from time to time to document a place for our history archives.

Before this place was Jimbo’s Family Restaurant it was Athens Restaurant. As you can see via the photo below, not much had been changed with the exception of signs and some paint.

Before it was the Athens Restaurant it was a family mansion. Below is the only photo we can find of what it looked like. How awesome right!!!

Here is our short tour of what’s left of Jimbo’s. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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