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Crabbing In The Wildwoods

Crabbing In The Wildwoods

Crabbing In The Wildwoods

Crabbing In The Wildwoods

Everyone has those Wildwood traditions they do every time they come down for their vacations. Some families go dolphin watching while others might wake up early and watch the sunrise as a family. For me and my family we always plan a big crabbing trip.

Since I was a child, my grand parents and parents would rent a few big pontoon boats and we would take to the Wildwood bays in hopes of catching not only crabs but also awesome memories.

A few years ago I took over my family’s Wildwood tradition and put my own spin on it. I added non-commercial traps, a few pranks and a massive crab party with three different kinds of cooked crabs.

This year I decided to go ahead and include you in my family tradition by filming it.

Traditions and memories are what the Wildwoods are all about. Feel free to take our tradition and make it your own.

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