Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

An interesting application has been submitted to the City of Wildwood’s Zoning and Planning Board for the Boardwalk Mall.

Located at 3800 Boardwalk, aka Garfield Avenue, the Boardwalk Mall has been going through a massive transformation over the past five years.

It was back in 2017 when the Boardwalk Mall was sold, renovated, and rebranded. In this transformation, the building got some tender love and care, and new businesses moved it.

The largest tenant is Capt’n Jack’s Island Grill which opened up a second location on the second level a few years after it was transformed.

In 2019 it was announced that even more renovations were coming to the Boardwalk Mall’s building.

Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

For many years it stood without much maintenance.

Plans called for a new entrance on Ocean Avenue, larger windows installed to replace the half circles, a new paint job, and a new facade.

The face was going to look like anything we have seen before.

A new marquee, a large Cap’n Jack’s sign, and a wood-like siding.

The original blueprints the WVA showcased in 2019 showed these proposed renovations but many weren’t added on in the end.

While we didn’t see that facade come to light yet, there are now new plans on the table to refurbish the building.

Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

According to an application submitted last week, the Boardwalk Mall is looking to add a deck.

The application goes on to say,

“3800 Boardwalk, LLC….is to seek approval to construct a second-floor cantilevered deck at the Property and new projecting sign.”

A cantilever deck is simply a deck with joists extending past the beam creating a cantilever or overhanging end on the deck’s exterior.

This would mean that this deck wouldn’t have support beams coming over the sidewalks or boardwalk.

According to the plans, the deck would sit over the entire front of the building and then turn 30 feet down Garfield Avenue.

This is being done so that Capt’n Jack’s Island Grill could accommodate more guests and give them beautiful views of the beach and the boardwalk.

The existing Boardwalk Mall sign will remain but could possibly be modified to accommodate the proposed deck.

If this plan sounds familiar it’s because it was originally submitted to the city of Wildwood back in April 2021.

You can check out those plans by clicking HERE.

This isn’t the only big change coming. Over the past few months one of Wildwood’s talented artists, Russell Simmons, has been hand-painting something special on Garfield Avenue.

Since Castle Dracula has been missing from the Wildwoods since it burnt down in 2002, Simmons decided to bring it back!

Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

Boardwalk Mall Submits Plans For A Deck

The new application for the deck is on the calendar with an initial public hearing set for January 9, 2023, at 6:00 p.m., at City Hall (4400 New Jersey Avenue).

Any person affected by this application will have the opportunity to present any objections to the proposed development.

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