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Crabbing in Wildwood 2021

Crabbing in Wildwood 2021

Crabbing in New Jersey is one of the best outdoor activities to do during the summer months. Some would say that the Wildwoods’ back bays are some of the best grounds for catching crabs. (That might just be us but we are biased).

Every year the Contino Crabbing Commission comes together to see who can catch the most crabs. The winner gets to hold on to the Golden Crab Trophy….and yes that’s a thing!

With many people not able to make it down due to covid, we thought it would be fun to film our 2021 CCC trip.

On a rainy morning, we loaded up the truck and drove over to Pier 47 to grab our pontoon boat and see how many keepers we could get.

For this trip, there are three different methods of catching crabs that we are using.

Those three are hand lines, crab traps, and non-commercial traps. In the past, we have used crab snares though they are more commonly used on larger crabs.

In the state of New Jersey, you can use up to two non-commercial traps as long as you have a license. You can also harvest up to one full bushel of crabs per day without needing such a license as long as your not selling the crabs.

The crabbing season in the state of New Jersey is from March 15 to November 30. Technically you can go crabbing on Thanksgiving!

Regulations say to throw back any female crabs or any hard-shelled blue crabs less than 4.5 inches from point to point

Below is our Contino Crabbing Commission outing. Before watching please consider subscribing.

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