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Hurricane Teddy Creates Beach Erosion In N. Wildwood

Hurricane Teddy Creates Beach Erosion In N. Wildwood

Hurricane Teddy may be 800 miles away from us, offshore, but we are seeing some of the effects of it.

As we predicted a few days ago, the New Moon and Hurricane Teddy/ TS Sally would be sitting roughly around the same time which would cause some flooding.

To read our orignal article click the link below.

Hurricane Sally Could Bring Flooding To The Jersey Shore

Hurricane Teddy, which will not be coming anywhere near the Eastern Coast, has caused our ocean’s currents to be a bit rougher than normal. With today’s high tide at 12-noon, the pounding of the waves created some erosion on the North Wildwood beaches.

This erosion, which mostly takes place from 3rd to 5th street, was expected. With the NEW bulk head in space there is no need to worry about water spilling into the streets.

If you haven’t seen the new bulkhead yet or how they built it click the link below.

North Wildwood Bulkhead Construction Update!

The worst we are going to see will be on Monday so stay tuned!

Below are some photos of the erosion shot by our friend PJ Hondros.

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