Jimbo's Restaurant Update

Jimbo’s Restaurant Update

Jimbo’s Restaurant Update

There has been some movement going on at Jimbo’s Family Restaurant located at 2410 Atlantic Ave in North Wildwood.

For those who don’t know, last August we had announced that Jimbo’s was sold to Thomas O’Hara for $1,040,000. Since then nothing had happened to the restaurant and it sat empty all year but now it looks like work is starting to take place.

The biggest sign that change is coming is that all of the Jimbo’s logos are now gone. From the two main signs to the front door stickers, everything has been removed. Just a few weeks ago the marquee read, “Never Give Up” and now it reads, “Open Year Round.”

This would be a big indication that no matter what is going there it will be a year-round establishment.

After a closer look we could see that some of the building has been painted and the inside had been missing some chairs and tables.

In an earlier article, which you can click below, we talked about the possibility that this location becoming another pancake house due to the new owners already being in the pancake business for many years.

Jimbo’s Family Restaurant SOLD

With all this in mind we believe that this building isn’t going anywhere.

We decided to film a quick video to show you around. Take a look below and please feel free to comment anything that we didn’t see.

To compare what it used to look like I went ahead and added a link to a tour we did back in August. You can see that by clicking the link below. [Note: Video at the bottom of the article]

Saying Goodbye To Jimbos

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