North Wildwood Motel To Stay A Motel !!!

Even though it is storming outside right now we have a reason to celebrate.

Yesterday we jumped got word from a fellow Wildwood fan that they saw some movement at the The Isle of Capri Motel (located at 500 Ocean Ave in North Wildwood).

If you remember, on February 1st we broke the sad news that  The Isle of Capri Motel was sold. [Click Here To Read That Article]

We are so happy to announce that yesterday they updated their prices for the 2018 season and are taking reservations!!! (Below are the room prices) 

We wanted to get more information about the opening so we decided to give them a call. We can confirm that as of two days ago, they are booking like crazy for the summer! Everyone has been calling them. 

There aren’t any major changes happening to the motel but we are extremely happy that it is staying a motel!

Check out their updated website here

Below is a short video of what the Isle of Capri Motel looks like in the off season.

Just to recap the off-season sales check out the links below

The Singapore and the Ocean View (Click Here For That Article) that was recently listed for 24+ Million.

The Beach Hugger (Click Here For That Article) that sold for 1.5 Million.

The Gold Crest Motel went up for sale (Click Here For That Article).

The Surf 16 sold for $886,000 (Click Here For That Article)

We hope to have more information in the next few days! Be sure to tune in for more information.

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Wildwood Spring Sale Going On Now!!