North Wildwood To Improve New Jersey Ave

Last month we announced that Wildwood Crest was working on creating a “Wildwood Crest Downtown” on New Jersey Avenue. (You can read about this project using the link below)

A Wildwood Crest Downtown Is In The Works

It turns out that this part of New Jersey Avenue isn’t the only portion of the road that will be getting work done on it.

Cape May County plans to repave the entire New Jersey Ave, which runs the entire length of the island. North Wildwood sees this as an opportunity to add in some safety measures into the streets from 4th Ave to Chestnut Ave.

The improvements the city of North Wildwood wants to make are to narrowing road traffic by widening sidewalks which would also allow extra space for cafe seating areas outside restaurants. Another improvement would be the creation of Taxi/Uber pick up and drop off areas. This is something needed as most taxis just wait lining up down the side or New Jersey Ave.

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