Testa Rejects Boardwalk Repair Bill

Testa Rejects Boardwalk Repair Bill

Testa Rejects Boardwalk Repair Bill, Calls For Trenton To Act

Back on September 18th, State Senate President Steve Sweeney, Sen. Bob Andrzejczak and other local legislators met in Wildwood to announce a plan that would help repair the Wildwood Boardwalk. This bill, S-4168, would gather the money through the state Transportation Trust Fund.

If you want to read more about the plan click the link below.

$40 Million Wildwood Boardwalk Repair Plan

Andrzejczak and his other running mates Assemblymen Matt Milam and Bruce Land lost their re-election bids back on November 5th. The new Sen.-elect, Mike Testa Jr, is due to be sworn in on Dec 5th.

Testa, who is the republican state senator-elect for the 1st Legislative District, has already spoken out about the proposed S-4168 bill by saying that “in typical Trenton fashion legislators have neglected our Wildwood boardwalk” and that “he doesn’t to rush a bill that would raise gas taxes.”

Prior to this bill another one was rejected by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. That bill would have fully funded the Wildwood Boardwalk repair without effecting taxes. 

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Testa says he is willing to sit down with local leaders to find the best solution to fund the Wildwood boardwalk.  “Cape May County already sends $550 million in tourism tax dollars to Trenton each year… and we only receives $1 million in return.”

We recently did a tour of the damage under the boardwalk. You can check out the tour video below.

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