The Wildwood Coaster We NEVER Got!

A few days ago we wrote an article about the farewell ceremony for the Golden Nugget Mine Ride which took place back in January of 2009.

The Wildwood Coaster We NEVER Got!

The Wildwood Coaster We NEVER Got!

The article and video not only showed the very last days of the Golden Nugget but also showed what was going to take it’s place…a GCI wooden coaster hybrid.

Shown at the event was a wooden model of this unnamed coaster which would be something unlike anything we had seen in Wildwood.

This coaster would start on Surfside pier and move under the boardwalk to the beach and over to the recently purchase “old hunt’s pier” or Dino Beach (whatever you remembered it as).

The only information we got at the time was that it would feature a lift hill that would sit at 110 ft which would rocket you to speeds up to 50 mph, pull 4 Gs and would include 3,100 feet of track.

This awesome coaster was supposed to open by Summer 2013….so what happened?

After doing some research I can finally share with you what we know about this proposed coaster.

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