Seaport Pier update!

It’s time for another Seaport Pier Update!!

Normally we post updates on Seaport Pier on Tuesdays but with the holiday we were quite busy!

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Ok let’s dive into this!

As many of you know, Seaport Pier didn’t open for Memorial Day Weekend but with all the other new things opening in the Wildwoods on that weekend it was kind of a good thing. We barely had time to visit all the new bars, restaurants and attractions that weekend.

Many of you asked what the new platform was that was built next to the boardwalk on-ramp at 22nd street. We can now confirm that platform is for the new transformer that will power the Seaport Pier. With everything the pier will do they need their own transformer and currently they are waiting for Atlantic City Electric to come out and install it.

On the inside much progress has been made.

The flatscreen TVs have been hung and the new bar equipment was just delivered.

On the outside most of the decking has been installed and they hope, weather permitting, to have the pool filled in and ready to swim in late next week.

Here are the updated photos!

They are pushing every day to get the job done and we are beyond excited!

Tune in next week for another Seaport Pier update!


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