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The Sea Serpent Coaster Is OPEN!!

The Sea Serpent Coaster Is OPEN!!

We have some exciting news for those coaster fans out there. Morey’s Piers has just announced that the Sea Serpent roller coaster is back open!!!

On Sunday we gave you the inside scoop on a possible opening. The night before we had seen folks testing out the ride. Click the link to read that story.

Could The Sea Serpent Coaster Be Opening Soon?

For those wondering why is the coaster finally opening in mid August? Let’s jump back in time.

In 1984 the Sea Serpent Coaster was brought to Morey’s Piers. Built by Vekoma, it was the first of it’s kind in America. Now you see copies of this coaster in parks across the US but it started here.

Fast forward 35 years and Morey’s Piers decided to give it a major update. They decided to rebuilt lift hill 2 (on the right), upgrade the chain guard, breaks and harnesses.

Last October we were there when they started to take lift hill 2 apart. You can check out a tour of the track as it sat on the beach by watching the video below.

We are very excited to ride on the upgraded version of the Sea Serpent!

Below is a video of it running (Filmed by Morey’s Piers)

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