What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods (April 23rd-25th)

April Showers are surely getting us ready for some warmer weather!

What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods (April 23rdth-25th)For this weekend we will be seeing 70 degrees and sunny on Saturday! hopefully this means you will be visiting us and enjoying everything we have to offer this time of year! There are so many amazing things happening down here in the Wildwoods.

We have been getting tons of questions about what will be open on the weekends in the Wildwoods.


In a recent press release Morey’s Piers announced that they will open their rides on May 8th, in time for Mother’s Day Weekend. At this moment no rides are open!

The good news out of this is that both Curley’s Fries and Mariner’s Arcade will be open along with some games and ticket booths (guest services). This way you can purchase your tickets and season passes in advance. (Keep in mind their Spring Sale started on April 1st)

Stores, Restaurants and more!

On weekends more and more things on the boardwalk are starting to open. All the businesses are all individually owned and operated so there is no set schedule.

Places likes Mack’s Pizza, Sam’s Pizza, The Retro Arcade, Gateway 26, East Side Surf, The Hot Spot, Franconis, and The Fudge Kitchen are guaranteed to be open on the boardwalk.

Off the boardwalk many seasonal places already started opening.

For a full list of opening dates click the link below.

Wildwood 2021 Opening Dates

No matter what, if you make plans to come down to the Wildwoods you will have a fantastic time! We hope to see you on the beach!

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