Wildwood ACME Land Sells for 9 Million +

It may be 2019 but it seems that the selling craze of 2018 is continuing.

Last week we learned that the Howard Johnson is going to be changed into a Quality Inn. You can read that story below.

Howard Johnson To Become Quality Inn

Also see the other Major Wildwood Hotel that is up for sale (Link Below)

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We just learned that the ACME Market land located at 5200 Park Blvd (Bennett Ave and Park Blvd) just sold for $9,460,000.

The property, which is just shy of 2 acres, was sold to Bkp Sandcastle Wild. LLC from Cf Albert Propco LLC.

There are a few interesting facts about this land. The land was last sold back on November 12th 2017 from Acme Markets Inc. to CF Albert Propco LLC. for $8,113,287. Now that name might seem normal but there’s an interesting story behind it.

In doing some research we found that CF Albert Propco LLC is a division of Albertsons. Albertsons Companies LLC owns many grocery companies such as Vons, Safeway, Jewel Food Stores and Acme Markets. This means that ACME, who is owned by Albertsons sold their land to Albertsons. [Yea that kind of confused me too.]

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This happened because back in Oct 2017 Albertsons entered into a new agreement in which it will sell 71 of its owned locations to a Delaware limited liability company for over $720 million, and in turn, lease them right back. [Interesting right?]

The reason why I bring this up is because people are always on the jump to think that condos will be built here but I we can’t jump this time.

In 2017 everyone thought that the land was going condo but it turned out that it was just being told to the same company. Maybe this time the same thing is happening.

For now this is all we know. Please tune back later for more info! 

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