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Seaport Pier Exclusive Tour

Seaport Pier Exclusive Tour

Seaport Pier Exclusive Tour

Seaport Pier Exclusive Tour

It’s another Tuesday which means it’s Seaport Pier Update time!

We had the fantastic pleasure of touring the NEW Seaport Pier this past weekend and are excited for us to bring you this exclusive tour!

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Ok let’s jump right into it.

You will of course see all this in the videos but this is a recap or a pre-cap to them.

The main bar is massive and features sleek blue floors, USB charging ports and an epic drink and food menu.

On the deck in the back there is a spot called “The Sand Bar,” where you can grab some drinks and food. This back area also doubles as the concert venue.

The members pool area is coming together very nicely. One cool thing we didn’t know before was that there is a stage on top of the swim up bar. It will feature live music.

Now on to the videos!

Below is a guided tour of the pier so far.

Below is a drone tour of the property.

Tune back in for more info!

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