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Seaport Pier Update (July 1st)

Seaport Pier Update (July 1st)

Seaport Pier Update (July 1st)

Seaport Pier Update (July 1st)

It’s time for another update on the NEW Seaport Pier!

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On Seaport Pier’s Facebook Page they talked about their delays in opening. Below is their message.

“Good Morning from Seaport Pier!!

We truly apologize for the delays in opening but we are REALLY close to completion. We want to assure you that we have everyones best interest in mind before opening this extravagant facility. It has been a long road (we know!) but we are excited to unveil this to you all- and we owe it to you! We expect to be opening any day now. Thank you again for your patience.. we cannot wait to welcome you to the newest attraction in the Wildwoods.. see you all real soon at Seaport Pier!!”

We are hoping that they get the pier open soon! It is a tease to see the pool on these hot summer days!

We did take a drone tour of Seaport Pier. Check out the video below.


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